The woman who lived in her shoe

I soon will be the woman who lived in her shoe.  Last night we got locked out of our garage and I had to call a locksmith this morning.  The people who sold us our condo, when I called them “never used that door”  I’m sure.  The locksmith could have just replaced the lock, but because someone took a hammer to the door in frustration last night, it cost more than a hundred dollars.

To add to that, last week, when the rain was so bad, there was water pooling under many of the windows in the house.  I called about 10 places this morning to see if someone could come look at the windows, and after an hour and a half, finally found someone.  The company sent over, for a $75 fee, a terrifying man driving a 1986 ford escort and he quoted me at 850 dollars (This includes the fee and a replacement screen for our sliding door).  I paid half just to be done with it, and scaryman is coming back on Saturday when the parts come in.

But the kicker is that my boyfriend, who is at work pleasantly pretending none of this is happening, acts like I am being stupid for paying the $850.00.  He wants to get more estimates.  More estimates that cost $75.00!  And he doesn’t seem to believe me that not one other “handyman” or “window specialist” would even come out here.

And now our washer is pouring water on the clothes in the spin cycle.  So I will be paying for that too.

AND I just opened one of our non-broken windows and I think it might be broken too.  Damn.


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