Lazy Sunday

Today we went to get new couches for the house and when we measured them, the one we wanted was too big to fit in the living room. I then got really crabby and wouldn’t talk to Brendan. It didn’t help that he didn’t know where the furniture store was and parked too far away. But we figured out that we are going to buy two loveseats instead of the big couch. I also want to get a credenza, also known as a sideboard. We might buy them tomorrow. We still need to finish so many things. It’s funny that you think you will make your house perfect in a matter of days after you move in, but instead we are going on a month and it feels like so much to do. There is still a disemboweled ceiling fan sitting in the middle of the bedroom floor, where we gave up on it. I guess I need to hire an electrician.

The neighbors who we share the entryway with, smoke. It’s starting to stink. They are renters, so I am hoping their lease is up soon.

Tonight I’m hoping to play scrabble and crack a bottle of rose on the roof, if it’s not too hot. School starts Tuesday and I am dreading it to a point.


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