I had a horrible day yesterday.  Brendan accidentally took my car keys to work, so I had to frantically call my friends from work to get someone to pick me up.  I was so so mad, and just in such a bad mood the whole day.  But I decided to just “drop” the issue and not talk about it later, and I really think it kept me from smacking Brendan’s head off like a rabid alligator when I got home.  We had hired an electrician who was supposed to come last Thursday (canceled) then Saturday (canceled) then Monday (didn’t show).  Fuck you, Bern.

Maybe that’s what you get with craigslist?

I can’t find my ipod, and I physically cannot work out without it. Which is so lame, but it’s true.  I have been working out 5 days a week for about 9 months now (I can’t believe it either), and my ipod is the only thing getting me through it.  And now it’s gone.  It’s got to be in the house somewhere, but I SWEAR I have looked everywhere it could be.

So when I find it I might go to the gym.  Or watch the biggest loser and drink  this new pumpkin beer I bought.


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