Apple Pie

I have been perfecting my apple pie for the Bucktown Apple Pie Contest, which is coming up in 2 weeks. I must win this year, with my Tequila Apple Pie, but first I need to perfect my crust and filling. My filling needs an apple that won’t dissolve (I used mackintosh last night and they turned to mush, which tastes good but the consistency is off). Apparently for my crust, according to Jenni, I need a butter slicer/pastry maker to make a fluffy crust, since she won’t send me hers in the mail to use.

The house still isn’t done. Our furniture is supposed to come Tuesday, and then our neighbors are giving us an awesome mantle to put in front of the recessed fireplace (which I think is going to be awesome!)


2 responses to “Apple Pie

  1. You should use Granny Smith’s. They are great for pie and they don’t disolve. Yes, a pastry blender is key to a fluffy crust. Also make sure your recipe isn’t using straight oil, but crisco or butter. I have a great recipe if you’d like it.

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