Roomba Love

I have wanted something to clean my floors for a while, and a regular vacuum just wasn’t cutting it.  We have a fireplace, which we actually use, and the effect of vacuum+ashes= ashes in air.  A lot of ashes in the air, so it’s a bit counter-productive.  I also have a champagne colored hand held dirt devil kone, as seen here.


But it isn’t incredibly strong, especially on cat hair that is embedded in the carpet.  So I have been eying the roomba for about a week.Roomba

It’s so pretty, no?  I bought it today, the newest version, because I have read that the older ones (though much cheaper) aren’t as effective.  It’s actually much bigger than I would have thought, about a foot across.  It ran for about 45 minutes before dying and docking itself again to charge.  It made the cat very nervous.


3 responses to “Roomba Love

  1. Dude, how about a shop vac? Have you read She has a story about a roomba too, of course involving her coyote. I like reading your blog, it’s funny. Especially the rabid alligator and the hammer on the garage door.

  2. Hey you finally got one! I think I’d have to get one when they start talking!

  3. Yeah, we love ours, except now we have no carpet so it’s kind of a waste..but eventually we’ll have carpet again and we’ll be able to use it more.

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