And, we’re back!

After one canceled and two delayed flights, about 8 hours in the Orlando Airport staring at children wearing Goofy Hats (Disney TM), and a few in-flight beverages, we are home safe and sound.  I am SO happy to be here, and Taco Bell was very happy to see me around midnight last night.  (More on the lbs gained later).

I got a new camera right before we started this trip, and forgot to replace the memory card with one that would hold more than 20 pictures.  At first I was upset about this, but I soon realized that this would make me only keep the pictures I liked from the trip, because I had to keep deleting the bad ones.  Great Idea.

Usually our vacation photos consist of Brendan and I with:

1.  Stray cats we try to pet

2.  Other animals we try to kidnap (in this case, an iguana)
So let’s get that over with first.




I made a conscious effort to take pictures of us and not just cats.  Especially after this black and white one bit me.


More vacay later.


One response to “And, we’re back!

  1. What are you doing to that poor black and white kitty? Are you pulling his tail and dragging him across the floor?

    Stan would be pissed if he knew you were touching all these other kitties…

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