I need to go back to school, and I know I want to get a degree in Library Science, but I don’t know where to go!  I have two options if I want to be an ALA certified librarian.  I can go to U of I for an online degree (deceptive because some of the classes are not online) or to Dominican University for a “real” degree.  Employers never know if you got your degree online or not, so that’s not really an issue. 

I thought I would have the whole spring to decide, but I just found out that the deadline for U of I’s program is March 1.  And I need 3 letters of recommendation to get in.  That’s in 4 days.  Luckily I have a student teacher right now, so actually right this second she is teaching my class while I sit at the desk and type this.  So in theory, I could be filling out my application right this minute.

I finished my taxes, but I have recertification to worry about, and some financial mumbojumbo.

I just don’t know if I’m really ready for this.  Arg!


2 responses to “Confused

  1. Tell me if you need a letter of recommendation. I can help you out with that.

  2. I think a friend of mine did the reverse – got her library science degree and then decided she’d rather teach instead. Why do you want a library science degree?

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