Salv Army

I wanted to go to Ikea today, but after reviewing my finances, I decided to settle for my favorite cheap store- the Salvation Army. You must understand, that I live minutes from Lincoln Park in Chicago, where the rich mommies drop off all of their off-season Banana Republic and Gap clothing while a Hispanic nanny walks their babies around the block. So you can get really quality items, brands that I would usually consider to be out of my price range. They had such amazing stuff, I went in and got as much as I could carry twice, because they don’t have any baskets.


Now remember, this is not an easy shopping experience. You must dig and dig and dig. I almost missed this little pot (reminiscent of Le Cruset) because it was up so high, and I am only five feet tall.


So here is my new little setup in the kitchen window.


These are one of my favorite finds- I’m keeping it big so you can see the detail. It’s a vintage clutch with a little gold turtle in the corner for the high price of $2.50. That is my kind of deal. I also got another vintage clutch for $2.00, which is funny because I almost spent $40.00 on etsy for a new one last week.



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