Vacay Tres

We will be off to Europe for spring break.  If you think I’m a terrible person for going on two vacations in two months, just know I will be charging this one on my credit card, and have a laugh at my expense.  And take note that I haven’t been anywhere but Michigan and Tennessee to visit family since we bought the house.

We start in Dublin for the first two days, I have no particular plans for Dublin other than eat, eat, eat.  And have a Guinness at the Guinness brewery.


Then off to Galway (where we will be for St. Patty’s day).  In Galway I plan on wearing my St. Patrick’s day tee shirt from Old Navy.  ALL DAY EVERY DAY.


Then off to Rome, where I am going to eat 5 lbs of Gelato every day.  And then some pasta for dinner.  Oh, and there is going to be a wine and cheese festival while we are there.  And I have been told to buy a leather purse, because the leather is luxurious.

My birthday will be the day after we get back (Easter Sunday), so don’t you worry your pretty little head, if you have an expensive gift for me I will be home to receive it.

Wish us luck!  Promise to post all about it when I return.


One response to “Vacay Tres

  1. Have fun! Dublin is just like you would imagine – please take many pictures of yourself wasted in the tee.

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