Don’t go to Richardson’s Pub

Early in the morning on St. Patty’s day, we went for a walk in Salthill, outside of Galway. Ain’t we cute?


Here is the pay toilet I used when I had to pee by the seashore. It cost .20 euro, worth every cent. (Editor’s note: I was INSIDE the pay toilet as Brendan took this photo)


The people of Galway drink all day on St. Patrick’s day, starting in the early morning, to watch the parade, then all afternoon and into the evening. It is much like Rick’s at MSU, but without the green beer. Here’s the lovely parade.


I only got hit on three times on our trip, and all three occurred St. Patty’s day evening at a pub in Galway called Richardson’s. So the men I met at Richardson’s had been drinking for a full 10 hours or so, which really tells you how incredibly attractive I was, after 10 hours of beer goggles. I was pretty sober because we had taken a break in the afternoon and napped.

The first man was dancing Elaine Benes style to “Born in the USA” when we walked in. Brendan walked up to the bar and he zeroed in on me. Still dancing.

Him: I love this song!

Me: Uh huh.

Him: I want to buy you a drink.

Me: My boyfriend is already buying me one.

Him: I’ll buy you BOTH one!

He stumbled over to the bar, where he got us two drinks. Now we each have two drinks, because Brendan had just gotten some. This man could not sip correctly anymore, and 2 minutes later ran (ran, really) out of the bar, never to be heard from again.

The second man was so drunk that I thought he was learning disabled. He sat down and immediately tried to put his arm around me, with Brendan sitting across the table.

Him: Darling, where are your shamrocks?

Me: I didn’t get any shamrocks.

Him: Darling, where are your shamrocks?

Me: I told you I didn’t get any. I guess I wall have back luck this year.

Him: Darling, you are going to have terrible luck this year (puts hand on my thigh)

Me: Oh, no no no!

Him: Darling, I want to take off your knickers!


Him:  Darling, I want you to take off your knickers!

Brendan then tried to get him to pay us $1000 euro for me to take off my knickers. He got kicked out of the bar soon after.

The last man came over to us playing what I can only describe as “air piano”. When Brendan tried to join him with air guitar, the man chastised him and pushed his hands down. He then grabbed my hand across the table.

Man: I want you to come to England with me.

Me: What?

Man: I can take you places.

Me: What?

We left soon after.


Galway on St. Patty’s night.


4 responses to “Don’t go to Richardson’s Pub

  1. Sounds like a perfect St. Paddy’s Day. So, did you take off your knickers?

  2. Hahahaha! That’s awsome!

    See, I thought that was Brendan. Now I know. I worked at the Impact.

  3. I knew I knew you from somewhere!

  4. I think I once encountered you two sleeping on the floor of the impact when I came in for my 6 AM shift because there was no power and there for no AC wherever you were supposed to be sleeping.

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