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Let’s talk about long tables.

I hate “Sweetheart Tables.”

I hate “Head Tables.”

I can tolerate “Captains Tables” with a few modifications.

Both images from the knot.

1) No rounded edges.  2)  Needs to be set in the middle of the room so people aren’t staring at the wedding party like some exhibit at the zoo. 3) The wedding party’s dates get to sit with them (novel idea, eh?) for some reason, whenever I or Brendan are part of a wedding party, we have to gaze at each other longingly from across the room at seperate tables.

I love the idea of long, communal tables for the whole wedding, but I think that’s only feasable for about 80 people or less.  When I was growing up and went to church we had a weekly gathering called “Wonderful Wednesday” that was like a community meal.  And I don’t want my wedding to look like Wonderful Wednesday.  So scratch that idea.

So most of the guests will be at round tables, and the wedding party with dates will be at a long table sitting on both sides.  That fits about 20, because there are going to be 10 in the wedding party (including Bride and Groom).

 like this.  Do the ushers usually sit at head table?  You like?

Please advise.


This is how I feel

During my Wednesday meeting at work.


Yes, James, Yes!


We are 99.9% sure we are going with the James Hotel for the ceremony and reception.  This Saturday we get to go and see a full wedding setup and spy, spy, spy.  Then we will give them an exhorbant amount of money and then not worry anymore!

I found these reviews on Yelp and some were HILARIOUS.  Some were cute.

From K J.

“Again, this is sort of cheating, as I never actually slept here.  But I went to visit a colleague of mine who was staying here last fall, and her minibar came stocked with none other than a travel bullet vibrator.  
Wait, it gets better.
The cute little thing also came in a discreet carrying case, replete with a condom, mini bottle of lube, and the appropriately sized batteries.
Honestly, the room could have smelled like sewage at this point and I still would have given the hotel a top rating.  It’s these special little touches that are really so important.”

Here’s a visual for this:


From Solbiato S.

“Decor–modern yet not too trendy
Rooms–Spacious for a city hotel


all images via

Just Thinkin’

All images courtesy of theknot.

Home Improvements

I got so excited yesterday, because I found the See-Saw sofa I have been dying for on cragislist, but it was already gone by 7pm.  It was only $550.  I’m hoping it will be on sale even cheaper from real cb2 soon.  It’s only $799 right now.


Wish wish wish.

I want that little dog that comes with  it.

Tag, you’re it!

I’ve been tagged by isuwannee!

A – Attached or single?

B – Best friend?
Brenda, Becky, Jenni

C – Cake or pie?

D – Day of choice?

E – Essential item?

F – Favorite color?

G – Gummy bears or worms?
Worms, the kind with the sour coating.

H – Hometown?
Kalamazoo, MI

I – Favorite indulgence?
Ben & Jerry’s Chubby Hubby

J – January or July?

K – Kids?
No thanks.

L – Life isn’t complete without?
My Cat

M – Marriage date?

N – Number of brothers and sisters?
One of each

O – Oranges or apples?
Apples, with peanut butter.

P – Phobia and fears?
Killers, ghosts, rapists.

Q – Quote?
Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”
—  John Lennon

R- Reason to smile?
Summer Vacation

S – Season of choice?

T – Tag three people:
Chitownbride , Star-Spangled Life, JuJubeetleB

U – Unknown fact about me?
My sister and I have the same birthday.
V – Vegetable?


W – Worst habit?
Swearing while driving.

X – X-ray or ultrasound?

Y – Your favorite food?

Z – Zodiac sign?



Wedding Venue Picked

Cake (included, and from Cakegirls! yay!)

Reception Venue (same)

Favors Chosen

Photobooth Booked

To do:

The Dress

Bridesmaids Dresses




Rehearsal Dinner Location/Book


(Not to mention the whole Catholic Wedding that I don’t have a location for yet, probably Nashville)