I have known brides who don’t care about their wedding at all.  I have known brides that freaked out about their wedding for years beforehand.  I never thought I would be a freakout bride, but I am.

I have been having wedding dreams, from the dress, to questions to ask the caterer, to just general wierdness.

The silly thing is, yes, I realize I won’t get married for 18 months.  I do really realize this.  But in Chicago, florists, venues, photographers fill up a year in advance.  So my timeline is so f’d up compared to a normal wedding.


Book a Ceremony location

Book a Reception location

Choose Caterer

Book Florist

Book Photographer

 Then I can wait a year till:

Find Dress

Order Invitations



Someone to marry us

 So as soon as I finish this first round, I will feel much better.  I’ll just go back to reading my bridal magazines.  Which I paid for and then found out were free at every bridal shop.


3 responses to “Stressed

  1. I had dreams that all my brides maids forgot their dresses and then the location changed at the last minute and we had to do it without them, but then dresses showed up.

    What does it all mean?

  2. It’s entirely normal to have dreams and to be stressed/excited. Enjoy it. The great thing is that you are so organized that it’s going to be fantastic!

  3. my first bit of advice – approach any and all of your friends who could help you with things and make them help you with things 🙂 we are getting fantastic deals on our caterer, photography, invites & save the dates – all because people we know are contributing. Plus, it’s nice to have a personal touch from those who really know you.

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