Dinner Party

A quick segue from the wedding talk.  I am having a little get-together this Friday night, and it will be really nice to relax with some of my closest friends.  I have never had a real “dinner party” and this is it.  We are going to totally try to act like grownups, and drink wine and dress up.  Stay classy, Chicago.

We are inviting 3 other couples, and there will be 8 people total.  I am trying to do the long, rectangular table thing, but if all 8 can’t fit at the table we have, I might put two together and go for a square table look.


Spicy Marinated Olives (from Rachel Ray)


Antipasto Platter (from the kitchen sink)

And Pear Turnovers from Rachel Ray

I am hoping people will bring some desserts, and Brendan is making a Goat-Cheese salad from his Canadian Cookbook.  And I plan on buying lots of wine, and killing a bottle of Chardonnay that has been in the fridge since the holidays.

I guess we’re white, as this blog tells us.


3 responses to “Dinner Party

  1. God, we are SO white. Also, I will definitely be bringing a dessert so you can count us in for that.

  2. Anne, you were destined to give good dinner parties. I still remember that fabulous Cream Cheese/Veggie/Croissant thing you used to make at our ghetto fabulous college parties. It always looked so much more appetizing then Justin’s “Chili-Out-of-the-Can w/ Fritos” dish.

  3. I totally thought of that blog when I read this title!

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