Shopping Around

Still looking for a reception site.  Went to the Allerton Tuesday night and we just weren’t “wowed”.  Went to Amy’s wedding there 2 years ago and thought it was beautiful, but some of the walls looked like they hadn’t been painted since the last time we were there (especially the baseboards).  And the wedding coordinator “promised” that the carpet was getting replaced this year.  Can I get that in writing?  Riiiiiiight.  She didn’t show us a room, and couldn’t answer simple questions like “what does the catering staff wear?”  Oh and my favorite- for children (CHILDREN) the price per head goes down $10.  What a steal!  All in all, if she calls again, I will tell her we’re not interested.

Hotel Monaco last night was adorable.  When we came in, everyone was friendly, they have a wine reception every night between 5 and 6, and so we had wine on our tour.  I was momentarily blinded by the valet’s purple pants, but after a quick query, no, the waiters and waitstaff do not wear purple pants.  Whew.   We would have a full floor there, and room for a reception and ceremony, cocktails, etc.  And Mitchell, the catering manager, even showed us the honeymoon suite, which was so cute.  I’m not completely sold on it, but the prices were good.  And Children are half price.

One thing I think is hilarious is that every wedding-type place I go to, they give me free bridal magazines.  And my friends keep giving me books.  I bought two books, Martha’s wedding planner and “Bridal Bargains”, but since then have received “Emily Post’s guide to Wedding Etiquette” (Thanks, Mel) and “The Knot’s Wedding Guide” (Thanks, Lindsay).  And a TON of free bridal magazines.  I will never get through them all.

Omni and Allegro this Saturday, and then I need to set something up to see the Hancock.  Now I’m in dinner party mode.

Wish me luck!


One response to “Shopping Around

  1. and finally – i have literally 2-3 TUBS of bridal magazines. Shall I bring them to chicago next time I’m in town? hehe…

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