Warning:  Long post ahead.

Quote from my friend Amanda (based on my freaking out about stupid wedding stuff):

“my (unsolicited) advice would be, 1) stop touring facilities since you found one you really like (yay!) and will probably be comparing all others to it and thinking about how they’re not as nice 2)put down a deposit on the one you love and the you can stop worrying about the venue”

Good advice.  But you know I’m still here looking for new venues online.  Ugh.

Here are the three venues that we are seriously considering so far.  I’ve already posted some picks of Monaco and Allegro.  The last one we saw last night, it was the Tower Club in the Lyric Opera.  You can’t copy any of their photos, but if you click here, you can see a little slideshow.


Pros: Adorable Ballroom.  Gorgeous chandeliers.  Decor in entire place is very “hip” almost urban-outfitters inspired.  I could REALLY see myself getting married there.  Have a friend who may be able to help us out getting a deal, used to work with the company.  Nice lounge for cocktails, and grand staircase.

Cons:  Ballroom is a little big, and I’m worried that it will look empty with only 130 people.  F&B minimum is very high.  Haven’t seen the guest rooms yet (they were all booked on saturday, is that a pro?).  Don’t want the bar too far from the dance floor, but I’m sure that can be negotiated.


Pros:  Perfect size for 130 people.  The guy in charge, Mitchell, is awesome and seems really happy to meet all of our needs.  Price is right, and the cocktail reception room has a great view of the river.  Guest rooms are adorable and I could really see myself getting ready and taking photos in the honeymoon suite.  Free wine reception every night from 5-6pm (great for before rehersal dinner).

Cons:  Lower ceilings, goldish striped wallpaper.  Room rate for guests is high.  Isn’t as “grand” or “fancy” than the others.  No windows in ballroom.

Tower Club

Pros:  Very nice space, seems perfect in size.  Cocktail room and banquet hall with windows with view of the city.  Plenty of room for all the guests.  Great opportunity for pictures outside with columns.  Historic landmark.

Cons:  Not a hotel.  Decor is very “mountain lodge in wisconsin” (which is a pro in Brendan’s mind).  Ceiling is u-g-l-y.  Low ceilings.  Not a hotel.

Totally ruled out:

Omni (wanted to put up a screen for privacy because our cocktail reception would be taking place NEXT TO THE FRONT DESK)

Allerton (Woman took one look and Brendan and asked if we were having a jewish ceremony.  Please don’t assume.  Please.)

Hancock (L-shaped so that all the tables were isolated and some tables couldn’t see the bar or dance floor)


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