Catholic Guilt

So we have been having a little problem with the Catholics lately. Apparently they don’t want you to get married at a hotel. Because only sinners get married at hotels.

Quick inset- Brendan became devoutly Catholic 10 minutes after getting engaged and suddenly wanted a Catholic ceremony.

So we found a priest labeled as “liberal” and even he follows the rules. Sigh. And he said we were welcome to give him a call when we found a church to be married at.

So I was bitching to my hairstylist about this very problem last night (my hair is VERY red now), and she suggested we do both. Both? What a novel idea! Angela said we should do the hotel wedding, and then later have a private Catholic ceremony. This would be nice because we could do it in Nashville or Michigan, where the Catholic components of Brendan’s family live, and still have our big party blowout at the hotel.

And now I get to buy a cute white suit for my church wedding, a la vintage 1950’s wedding. So romantic.

Available here.


3 responses to “Catholic Guilt

  1. Having just been through a Catholic vs. non-Catholic wedding, I am so glad you found a solution!

  2. I love the dress!! I can’t say anything about the Catholic wedding because I’m not Catholic and I’m not engaged. Ha, Ha!!!

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