One of the questions people keep asking me about the wedding is:  “Are you going to grow your hair out?”




I look weird with long hair.  Last year I tried and tried to grow it out.  It never grew past my shoulders, no matter what I did.  And when it hit my shoulders, it became stringy and looked greasy, even if I had just washed it.  So my hair will be short for the wedding.  And of all the 50 bridal magazines I have at home, there are NO hairstyles for short hair.  I am also not a fan of the “half-up” look, where it’s like an updo in front and a hot mess in back.  A hot, tranny mess.  With a little mullet in back, because those hairs are just a little too short to be put up.

Here is a style I think could be done with my hair even if it was short- Not sold on those faux roses, though.

You like?


2 responses to “Hair

  1. Just so you’re not feeling alone in the short hair bride thing:

  2. Thank you! I will add that to the 30 wedding websites I check daily.

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