Inspiration, Part Deux

I did it!  I Haven’t bought fabric since I was 16, but I went to Jo-Ann, and picked out two little prints.  The first (I know it’s too far away) is little strawberries and cherries.  The second is a summer stripe.  Finding out what you call those hoops also took me a while, but they were very reasonably priced.

View from behind the desk:

Close up (we love photobooths)

Side view (note new bookcase organization).  I did a total book purge about 2 weeks ago, though there is a laundry basket full of books that this picture conveniently leaves out.

Finally this room is shaping up!


3 responses to “Inspiration, Part Deux

  1. lo0k at that!! such an awesome job!

  2. Totally impressed – it looks great. I’m such a sucker for the books organized by color thing. Beyoo0tiful.

  3. I really like these. I wish we had a desk. Or another room for a desk. Maybe once we become more real-er.

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