Brides, Maids!

I think I want my maids to have sleeves of some sort, and these two are both contenders.  Not a sleeve-sleeve, but a bit of a strap/sleeve.  These are both from Alfred Angelo.  Now I’m not a huge fan of the company, I had to order a dress for Amy’s wedding a few years ago and the sizes were all wonky.  But alterations make everything better.

The colors on these dresses are reversable, aka either color could go with either dress.  Since it’s a fall wedding, i like the little strappy sleeves.

I think this second one is more figure-friendly.  I do think the first one could be trouble (satin isn’t very forgiving on the belly, even to the skinniest person in the world).  Any color preferences?

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3 responses to “Brides, Maids!

  1. I think the color of the second one is better…richer. The first one might wash people out more.

  2. I like the second color also. Is it a chocolate color? I’ve seen chocolate/gold in a wedding and it looked really nice. Just a thought.

  3. I vote for black dresses that each maid picks out herself. Very classy. And we all look cute. Bonus.

    But my vote here is chocolate brown.

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