Let’s talk about long tables.

I hate “Sweetheart Tables.”

I hate “Head Tables.”

I can tolerate “Captains Tables” with a few modifications.

Both images from the knot.

1) No rounded edges.  2)  Needs to be set in the middle of the room so people aren’t staring at the wedding party like some exhibit at the zoo. 3) The wedding party’s dates get to sit with them (novel idea, eh?) for some reason, whenever I or Brendan are part of a wedding party, we have to gaze at each other longingly from across the room at seperate tables.

I love the idea of long, communal tables for the whole wedding, but I think that’s only feasable for about 80 people or less.  When I was growing up and went to church we had a weekly gathering called “Wonderful Wednesday” that was like a community meal.  And I don’t want my wedding to look like Wonderful Wednesday.  So scratch that idea.

So most of the guests will be at round tables, and the wedding party with dates will be at a long table sitting on both sides.  That fits about 20, because there are going to be 10 in the wedding party (including Bride and Groom).

 like this.  Do the ushers usually sit at head table?  You like?

Please advise.


One response to “Let’s talk about long tables.

  1. I am so excited to sit next to Joe – now we can play footsies. I dont think the ushers sit at the table. Unless you really like them. And I like the idea of being in the middle.

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