Hey, photographers.  Want to give me free wedding photography?  Just let me know.  We already have the photobooth, so that takes care of some photos.  But not all of them, of course.

I am into documentary-style wedding photography.  I’m not into posey, family photos, especially because both my Fiance and I have divorced parents.  We would rather just have more candid photos.

I don’t really know how much money people spend on wedding photography.  The prices I have seen have seemed exhorbant.  Especially for 2 photographers, which I thought was pretty much standard.  There is a husband/wife team that I love,  Pen Carlson photography.  If I could afford it, I would book them right this minute.

At Bella Pictures, you can get a reasonably priced wedding package.  And their pictures seem very nice, but I feel wary about booking a chain.  Doesn’t seem like truly personal service.

We also have a friend, Noah, at who takes amazing photos.  But I want him to be a guest at the wedding, not a photographer!

Suggestions, especially from Chicago brides appreciated.

2 responses to “Photogs

  1. You got the photobooth?! Awesome. Why don’t you go ghetto and put disposable cameras on the tables? The heart shaped tables…

  2. My mom is a wedding photographer. Don’t know what her rates are though. She does a really nice job, however. She is based in GR, MI, but you could try her anyway. Let me know if you want her email (can you find my on facebook?)

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