I’m springing into cleaning today. I just sorted and swept the garage, and now I am coughing up dust.  Ugh.  But I found something for work that I needed, in the bottom of the last box I went through.  Yay!

Brendan and I were banging on the doors of Linens and Thing’s this morning to use a gift card I got as a housewarming gift.  I was worried they wouldn’t open because they filed for chapter 11 yesterday.  But their doors were open, and I bought a new shower curtain.  Thanks Amanda!

I got a different color, but they don’t have it online on linensandthings.com

They also take BBBeyond coupons, so that’s my favorite.

I feel so antsy, like I want to do so many things to our house.  I want to paint my bathroom and put in a new vanity.  Like this one from the home depot.

Back to spring fun!


One response to “Spring!

  1. I love the sink and the circles on the shower curtain are cute too!!!!

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