Bridesmaids Revisited

So I have spoken to one maid and she would prefer black to chocolate brown dresses.

I want two  three things from the BM dresses. 

1.  Have straps

2. T-Length (as I like to call it SJP length) or shorter.

3.  Wearability (doesn’t look like a BM dress)

I found a REALLY cute one on Macys it’s only $150.00, which I feel is reasonable.


And these three from Target.

These are perfectly priced.  Thoughts?



4 responses to “Bridesmaids Revisited

  1. I really like that Macy’s dress. It’s pretty and completely re-wearable.

  2. since you have these 3 criteria, and since you are doing black dresses, you could just tell your BM’s to buy thier own dresses – following your criteria and sending you pictures prior to purchace for approval. it would save you time/stress/worry and they could pick something they liked and could wear again. because you are doing black, you still get that uniformity – just a thought!

    i’m having fun reading all of your wedding crap (i mean that in the most endearing way – it’s what i call all this stuff) – i can’t wait to sit and chat w/ you about it over beers sometime soon!

  3. I am loving your comments and want to get together! It sucks that you live so far away, but I have a beer and a Modern Bride waiting for you whenever you visit!

  4. I really like the Macy’s dress too. But I think it would only work on bridesmaids that are not very bottom or top heavy….

    In response to Amber…I am a bridesmaid in a summer wedding where the 4 of us bridesmaids were told to wear a black short dress. Finding a dress that I was happy with that the bride was thrilled with (which was important to me) was actually really difficult. The bride herself also later told me that other bridesmaids had told her that they would have also preferred for her to just pick a dress.

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