This morning I woke up to the wonderful sound of money being dumped into my checking account.  Hello, stimulus package!  Nice to meet you!

Shop Girl bought these vases at Ikea this past weekend.  I want them!  Adorable!

Ikea is such a trek, and on the weekend it is filled with screaming children.  But they have such cute stuff.

Things I need:

Those vases

A Long shelf for my mantel

Drawer dividers

A new comforter cover

a scarf hanger

that’s about it.

Disclaimer:  money from the stimulus package will NOT be spent on things I want, rather it will be spent on wedding deposits.  Boo.


2 responses to “Vases

  1. Semi-hipster. This is funny.

  2. I have those vases, and the drawer dividers. Sigh. I’m an Ikea whore.

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