Monthly Archives: June 2008

When in Rome,

We saw this video a lot. I love the song.


Swappity Swap!

I got my swap from Kelly on Saturday!

A view of the gorgeous tin everything came in:

And inside:



So many summery fun things!  I can’t wait to:

1.  Use her recipe for sweet tea.

2.  Listen to the summer time mix.

3.  Light that Thai Mango candle.

4.  Wear my new sunglasses (done!)

Now with UV protection!

Sad Roomba

Roomba needs a new part. We are waiting for his new brush to come in the mail. We have very dirty floors, because even though we own a real vacuum, we never use it.

In happier news, the whole living room is blue, and I will be painting the kitchen red tonight (Just one wall).  But I am back to work, 2 weeks of vacay are over.  Boo Hoo.


I just spent an hour blue taping the other wall in the living room (and cleaning the wall, which I didn’t do well the first time). We are going to prime and paint tomorrow.

I am going to CB2 in about 5 minutes. Mulling over the following:


for this?

And how do we feel about this table?

Thought you would like it.

And I already have this, but for $1.95? I should get another.

Oh Salvation Army, how do I love thee?

Found: Vintage chip and dip bowls.

$5. So cute.


On Tuesday, I had class from 4-8 and Brendan was going to see Shawn Mullins at Schuba‘s (where were are going to see Marshall Crenshaw on Friday).

He texted me during class and said he had decided not to go, which is a score for me because it means dinner will be ready for me in time for Hell’s Kitchen. Yes, I do watch Hell’s Kitchen. And I’m hoping for Petrozza to win.

Yay Petrozza!

Anyway, I saw this when I walked in the door.

let me preface this with I have NEVER seen a Tiffany’s bag (or box) in person. I’m just not that kind of girl. He got me a pearl necklace, probably because I have a plastic one on elastic that I always wear to weddings. It is so beautiful.

New Blue Wall!

I had a hard time taking photos of the whole wall, because the wall is has a sliding door with sheer curtains.  I repainted the beige on the left-hand wall, and replaced a dark green paint with the blue.  I also replaced dark green curtains with the polka-dots from Ikea.

This is the top of the curtains.

And this is how the color looks against the chocolate brown of the mantle above the fireplace.  The room is so much brighter, I love it!