Peapod Experiment

I have been very busy lately, and though I don’t mind grocery shopping, with night classes I just feel burned out. 

Enter Peapod:

I ordered groceries last night, and it took me about 20 minutes to do so.  I really liked the feature where you can just search for an item and it gives you all the options available. 

I thought it would be trouble to get them delivered, but you get to choose a 2 hour time slot, and they even deliver in the evening.  There is a delivery charge, but it’s not too bad.  I chose to get them conveniently delivered when I am at class and Brendan is home.  He gets to drag the bags up the stairs!

I think they only have Peapod in major metropolitan areas, but you can check on the website if they deliver to your zip code.  And if their delivery sucks, I will most def let you know tommorow.


One response to “Peapod Experiment

  1. I love peapod! I have been a lover and a shopper of them for three years. Lets face it, I’m lazy and I enjoy it when I can pay people to do frustrating things like pick out produce. I mean I’m not rich and I have no discernible power so the fact that I can get my groceries delivered a la 1940s milk thrills me.

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