The shoes cometh!

Perfect for a fall wedding, no?  Crisp temperatures, a chill in the air, the crunch of leaves under your peep toes!

As I discussed here, I ordered these shoes on last week.  I got them last night and they are adorable!  The only point of dissention is that (as you can see here) the red on the ribbon is slightly different from the red on the shoe.  I don’t think it’s noticable unless you are looking at it up close.

Is it too early to ask bridesmaids to buy these shoes?  I feel like a crazy bride, but I guess when you really like something, you just know.


3 responses to “The shoes cometh!

  1. If I buy these now I can practice walking in them…

  2. I didn’t make it to Target yet! Do you wear these in your normal size? Maybe I will just order a 9! Big-foot…

  3. Yes, I am usually a delicate little 6.5 and I was in these as well, but can always buy 2 sizes and return one.

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