On Tuesday, I had class from 4-8 and Brendan was going to see Shawn Mullins at Schuba‘s (where were are going to see Marshall Crenshaw on Friday).

He texted me during class and said he had decided not to go, which is a score for me because it means dinner will be ready for me in time for Hell’s Kitchen. Yes, I do watch Hell’s Kitchen. And I’m hoping for Petrozza to win.

Yay Petrozza!

Anyway, I saw this when I walked in the door.

let me preface this with I have NEVER seen a Tiffany’s bag (or box) in person. I’m just not that kind of girl. He got me a pearl necklace, probably because I have a plastic one on elastic that I always wear to weddings. It is so beautiful.


2 responses to “Suprise!

  1. Holy crap! Way to go Brendan.

  2. way to go brendan, indeed! but just be careful when you say that your fiance gave you a pearl necklace. ZING!

    sorry, couldn’t resist.

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