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See you there!


Bridesmaid Dos

Becky aka BB.

Sorry for cropping you out, Rach.

Becky has been my best friend since 8th grade. I have known her since I was 8 or 9. She is a nurse, and educates me on such illnesses as “Popcorn Lung”. Yes, it really does exist!

Becky, my sister and I are going to meet up soon at the dreaded Davids Bridal and look for dresses. I have been warned against it, but hey, the price is right.

I unfotunately missed Becky’s birthday by one day last week (I actually mixed up her and Jenni’s Birthdays) So here you go, internet: Happy Birthday Becky! She just got back from the hills of Appalachia repairing houses for the Appalacian Service Project. She’s awesome.

I love you Becky!

San Diego

I’m going to California!

So I won’t be posting for a few days. 

I will be stuffing my face with this:

Actually, I like my fries animal style.  But I’m not complaining.

I am so excited.  My mouth is actually watering.

Byes!  See you next week!

Cake Mistake

Cake inspiration provided to baker:

Cake provided by said baker:


Vase Face

One of the ways I am trying to save money on the wedding is buying my own vases. I want to be able to supply them to the florist so that I don’t have to rent them. Then we’re all happy go lucky. I have been buying round tall vases at goodwill:

For this:

And I found these online for the flowers:

Square Glass 5″ Vases

$7.89 Each

From Save on Crafts

I still feel like I could arrange my own flowers, but I am hesitant to put the pressure on myself on the day of. Plus I am pretty sure I can’t wrap a bouquet correctly.

Candles continued

It can be done!  A centerpiece without any flowers.  This could save a lot of money………..

Via weddingbee.


I want an anthropologie apron.  Remember this when I get married!

These will be perfect for the Apple Pie Contest.  I should win on style alone this October.

However, I will have a secret weapon this year:  Amy gave me her apple pie crust recipe when I went to go see her in Ann Arbor.  I am sure to win with it!