Up next………………

Painted the kitchen red last night (just one wall).  I am addicted to painting!  I am also a bit sick of it.

This is not my house, but the cieling in this room is about the same color as I have been painting.

image source

I’ll post a real picture when the paint dries (I think the humidity is making it tacky).

Which green do you like for the study?

And the bedroom?

Gratuitous Photo of me? Check.


3 responses to “Up next………………

  1. How many walls are you doing in the bedroom? If you are doing the whole room, I like the one on the top right. If you’re just doing an accent wall, then one of the bottom ones.

    For the greens, either of the top ones or the 2nd on the left.

  2. I like the two middle colors on the right card.

  3. study, i like the second from the top on the right card. bedroom – i like the top right if you’re doing the whole room, and agree with amy if you’re just doing an accent color.

    in our wedding news – holy shit we have a lot to do and only one month to do it in 🙂 we should get a lot accomplished this weekend (hopefully). hope you two have a great 4th!

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