Ann Taylor?

Are these worth going to try on? I feel that they don’t cinch at the waist enough. But you never know. Maybe I should go down Michigan Avenue this week?

I feel a simple dress would go well with this:

and these:



3 responses to “Ann Taylor?

  1. I like these and they are probably more reasonably priced than most – but what I liked about the other was the cut at the top and these seem pretty straight across. But seriously, do you need a reason to shop?

  2. my dress is simple. i keep having serious doubts about it and i don’t know why. everytime i try it on and look in the mirror i am like – ok, i like this. but then i start thinking about it all over again and scouring the interwebs for something else. i’m sticking with the one i got though. it’s simple and i’ve got other things going on that complete the ensemble, much like you are talking about here. i can’t wait for this shit to be over 🙂

  3. I keep telling you that no one really remembers the brides dress, the bridesmaids dresses is another issue. I think the dresses are nice. I’d definitely at least look at them.

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