No butterfly kisses allowed

I’ve been thinking about the dreaded Daddy-Daughter Dance. I hate that name. But I do want to dance with my father in my wedding, and I am considering a few songs. I made a CD so I could listen to it in the car and scrutinize the lyrics.

Moondance- Van Morrison

Talks about making romance. But does mention October. Then does talk about making love. Inappropriate.

There She Goes- The La’s

I think this is just a little too 80’s for my Dad. He likes more classic rock music.

Oo La la- The Faces

I think this is the front-runner. It doesn’t have any iffy lyrics. And I love the end of Rushmore when they dance to it.


3 responses to “No butterfly kisses allowed

  1. Ooh La La was the last song we played at our wedding (again with the Rushmore connection). Keep in mind that the lyrics are all about the evilness of women, but if you can get past that its still a lovely choice.

  2. you should try “i loved her first” or whatever that g.d. country song is that was made for the father/daughter dance at weddings. everytime i go to a wedding and they play that i get all sorts of stabby.

  3. If you are worried about it being too sexual, you can always do an instrumental. Or, how about a short snippet of a song? I’ve been to weddings where there was only a short part of the song played for the father/daughter: mother/son dance. Do you have a wedding coordinator? This person can help you pick out songs. You can always do an uptempo song.

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