Vase Face

One of the ways I am trying to save money on the wedding is buying my own vases. I want to be able to supply them to the florist so that I don’t have to rent them. Then we’re all happy go lucky. I have been buying round tall vases at goodwill:

For this:

And I found these online for the flowers:

Square Glass 5″ Vases

$7.89 Each

From Save on Crafts

I still feel like I could arrange my own flowers, but I am hesitant to put the pressure on myself on the day of. Plus I am pretty sure I can’t wrap a bouquet correctly.


One response to “Vase Face

  1. Hey Anne,

    Thanks for the email! I just wanted to let you know that we’re doing the same thing. We have 15 clear glass vases so far, and we’re shooting for 25 by the end of collecting. They don’t all match (and many aren’t as modern and pretty as yours are) but you’re welcome to borrow ours too. God knows I don’t know 25 vases in my house for life, and even though they’re cheap, they’re not that cheap 🙂 Let me know if you’re interested!

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