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The last little bridesmaid

Here she is, actress extrordinaire, Brenda!

Brenda lives in LA with her fiance, Tim.

We met in college when I was sitting outside my room talking on the phone.  My roomate was moving out, and Brendan was in a triple looking to move out.  She asked if she could move in with me and I said yes!  The rest is history.

Brenda is f-a-m-o-u-s, and has much bridesmaid experience.  Here she is in the latest Gnarls Barkley Video (the waitress).

Love you Bda!


Dressing for Work

I love wearing dresses to work.  So easy.

At Old Navy:

These two are on sale!  Love the shirtdress.

And to finish us off:

One Year!

Aug. 27 marks one year on my blog!

image source.

200 Posts!

6,637 Blog Views!

And to think, I started with 21 Views in August of 2007. Today I have had 66.

This year I have: Painted my living room and kitchen, Replaced all the knobs in the house, put together 5 Ikea furniture items (grrr), bought a Roomba, gotten engaged, made an ice cream cake, started Grad school, taught summer school, attempted to work out regularly, and began planning my wedding.

Next I will: Learn how to make green curry, make an ice cream cake from scratch, place in the apple pie contest, graduate with a Masters Degree, get a new job, talk Brendan into getting a kitten, find a wedding dress, paint my bedroom, finally replace the vanities in the bathrooms, buy a pull-out couch for visitors, register for the wed, do various DIY projects, Get Married!

I hope you’ll be with me along the way. I couldn’t do it without you!

Oh, and only 401 days till my wedding!

Victory Garden

At the beginning of the summer I planted basil and parsley, the basil has since passed but the parsley is still kicking.  I have had a sad little pepper plant all summer who didn’t look as if she would make it.

Lo and behold:

Sorry about the quality, my camera is a piece.

Eye Want

From Ebay.

Oooo. Favor Boxes

All from Beau-Coup


White Chicago

My friend Amy came up this weekend (actually down, from Michigan) and we went to White Chicago.  It was amazing.  Unfortunately, we forgot my camera, but I found two dresses I really liked.

The staff was great, I would truly recommend going there. You have to take off your shoes, which is a little weird, but it is to protect the gowns, which are all “once-wed” or samples.  You actually buy the dress you try on, there is no ordering.

We have settled on A-Line, sweetheart neckline, strapless.  Everyone agrees that this is the most flattering on me.  The problem is A-line can mean anything from Pouffy Frou Frou to a modified mermaid.  Whatever the designer chooses.

The knot considers all of these A-Line.

I’m sure, the knot.

I’m not a pouffy girl, so I have a hard time finding dresses I like that don’t cling to my nether regions.  Everyone says “You’ll know when you have it on”, but I have a hard time deciding.

So no decisions yet.