Damn Cat

Stanley has taken to waking us up at 5am to get fed. To stop this from occurring, we ordered the Le Bistro pet feeder from Amazon.com.

In Bleached linen. Now I had read reviews of the feeder online, and the issue I was most worried about was that some cats were too smart for it.

Amazon Review:

“One slight issue is that, as it turns out, cats are relatively smart. Our cat Huascar, after studying our Petmate intensely for several months, finally figured out a way to get all that food that was suspended in air in front of him into the dish. Your mileage may vary, but Huascar has definitely figured out the secret to a midnight snack.”

So now that we have it, I have realized Stanley is an idiot. The feeder will feed him and he still doesn’t go over to the bowl until one of us points it out to him. Now, he must figure it out when we’re not home, but when we are around he plays dumb. And still wakes us up in the morning. But he’s so cute!


One response to “Damn Cat

  1. that is funny – im sure my fat ass cats would figure it out. they would probably rip into the compartment w/ their teeth. i seriously can’t even give them treats. my cat bit my finger!!! they are fat and crazed.

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