Amber’s Wedding

We had the pleasure of attending the wedding of Amber and Nate last Saturday night, at the Blue Dress Barn.

It was a cloudy day at first, but as we drove to the wedding 1/2 hour before it began, there was a serious downpour.  Luckily, Amber and Nate were very laid-back and had the ceremony inside.  It was sunny and beautiful 20 minutes later.

My favorite things about the wedding:

Amber’s birdcage veil.  I almost ripped it off her head and went ‘a running.

isn’t she pretty?
The bacon and tofu cake toppers

cookies I didn’t even know were vegan as favors:

I was surprised Amber did the bouquet toss, because she isn’t THAT kind of girl.  Little did I know, she then tossed bags of potato chips into the crowd.  Awesome.

And Karaoke!

Yes, that’s me and Brendan with our rendition of Tubthumping.  We rock.

One response to “Amber’s Wedding

  1. yay! we had such a great time and were so glad you guys could make it. the bouquet toss was fun – i like throwing things. but the garter…not so much. im not that kind of girl, esp in a short dress. that would have been inappropriate to say the least. and MAN am i glad to be done with wedding planning!! if you need help with anything let me know – so glad you guys made it 🙂 srsly if you want that veil it is yours 🙂

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