White Chicago

My friend Amy came up this weekend (actually down, from Michigan) and we went to White Chicago.  It was amazing.  Unfortunately, we forgot my camera, but I found two dresses I really liked.

The staff was great, I would truly recommend going there. You have to take off your shoes, which is a little weird, but it is to protect the gowns, which are all “once-wed” or samples.  You actually buy the dress you try on, there is no ordering.

We have settled on A-Line, sweetheart neckline, strapless.  Everyone agrees that this is the most flattering on me.  The problem is A-line can mean anything from Pouffy Frou Frou to a modified mermaid.  Whatever the designer chooses.

The knot considers all of these A-Line.

I’m sure, the knot.

I’m not a pouffy girl, so I have a hard time finding dresses I like that don’t cling to my nether regions.  Everyone says “You’ll know when you have it on”, but I have a hard time deciding.

So no decisions yet.


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