As American as…………

I made my first practice apple pie today for the Bucktown Apple Pie contest.

It’s tequila apple pie, made with apple tequila.  I used a food processor for the crust and oh my, did it make a

difference.  My hot little hands didn’t make the dough all tough and hard to handle.  It turned out beautiful:

Notice the milk-glass cake plate I got from my future Mother-in-Law in Nashville.  I was eying one at a garage sale and the seller wanted $25 for it, I just couldn’t pay that much.  She surprised me with this one when we got back to her house.  It was in the original box from 1950, a gift that Brendan’s great Uncle and Aunt received for their wedding and never opened.

A few minutes later:


2 responses to “As American as…………

  1. that pie looks fucking delicious and that is awesome about the cake plate!!

  2. I want that pie now. It looks incredible. You are a shoe-in for the 1st place ribbon. Especially if there is tequila in it.

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