A peek at the registry

Yes, I know I’m not getting married for (check the knot site) 376 days.

But Crate & Barrel was having a registry party this morning, and I just love champagne at 9am.  So we decided to check it out (it was actually suggested by Brendan).  We arrived and were asked to sign release forms, and then they took photos of us and informed us that they would be used for corporate training.  I’m totally famous.  Here are a few things we picked out.

Parker bowls.

Brendan loves that the only thing I collect takes up a ton of space, right honey?

Love me some cupcakes.

John and Eliza registered for this, too!

You can never have enough cheese.  Or enough domes.

All available at crateandbarrel.com

2 responses to “A peek at the registry

  1. i got those parker bowls and the big one cracked after one use! i’m totally sad and mildly enraged.

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