Still working.

Our house is still under construction.  There is so much dust that there is no point in cleaning at night.  It just gets worse the next day. 

I also have a misquito bite on my knee that is bugging me.

Here’s the deal:  We had leaking from the morter between the bricks, and the roof for (estimated) 10 years.  Which means the drywall around our windows on the 1st, 2nd. and 3rd floor was moldy and rotting (and any metal, screws, etc was rusting). 

So it all needs to be ripped out and replaced.  3 walls.  One on each floor.  Lucky us, the man we hired has decided to do all 3 floors at once, which means there is no safe haven.  Last night we went to the bar.  Hopefully it’ll be done by Friday.  Oh, and we have no TV because it had to be moved and covered, so I’ll be missing the Biggest Loser tonight.  Ugh.


One response to “Still working.

  1. all that AND you’re missing TBL? that sucks!!! how has work been? I hope it is all done this week so you guys can get back to normal! 🙂 PS One year from Friday!?!? Happy -1 Anniversary! 🙂

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