Registry, eh?

So I’m feeling the need to discuss registries, because my windows aren’t being installed until next week, and you can see outside through a crack between my current windows and the wall.  I need a beer.

We originally considered the following places to register:


Crate and Barrel


Bed, Bath, and Beyond


I think it’s a tad tacky to have more than 3 registries, so I thought we needed:  One high-end, in case we decide to get china (I’m on the fence).

ooo, Vera Wang!

One middle, and one low (sorry, Target).  One of my friends pointed out to me that anything you can get at Target they have for the same price at BBBeyond, and you can use a ocupon.  Sold!

So we decided on BBBeyond, Crate and Barrel, and Macy’s.  The other consideration is that Macy’s and BBBeyond are all over the country, so they would be easy for people to shop at.  And I had heard horror stories about trying to return items from the Target registry.  That’s about it.

2 responses to “Registry, eh?

  1. i think those are 3 great places to register. luckily i haven’t had too much trouble doing my returns at target – but yes, they do suck. basically their policy is that if you don’t have a reciept, even if it is off your registry – you can only return 2 items a year and get store credit. it is tarded.

    BBB on the other hand – RULES. i got a dyson. that shit broke. they let me exchange it even though i didnt have the box or reciept AND they give you CASH. they would have given me CASH for my used, busted ass dyson if i weren’t so in love with that god damned machine.

    my other word of advice on registries is to fight the temptation to do it early. it was the first thing i wanted to do and I had to pick different pots & pans, knives, etc. a bunch of times because the ones I liked kept getting discontinuted.

    omgz so excited for y’alls wedding!! 🙂 i wish i would have kept a blog while i was going through everything, it’s fun reading yours.

  2. These are the same 3 Sonny and I registered at before he left! What a small world 🙂 I’m so sorry about the windows…that sounds awful. Looking forward to seeing you guys next week and hopefully the windows will work out 🙂

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