Registry Envy

I think that Brendan are in a unique situation, in the fact that we had been living together for almost 4 years when we got engaged.  Everyone EVERYONE told me, for all four years; “Wait until you get married to get anything nice.  You can register for it”.  So for a long time we lived with my old college orange pots and pans, a measuring cup Brendan was oft quoted as saying was “from the civil war”, Ikea plates and silverware akin to that found in a girl scout’s camping kit. 

About 2 years ago I began to break down.  I was sick of buying nice things for other people that were getting married while we still had crap for kitchenware.  And it’s hard to cook with crap for kitchenware!  Especially when you stop making Macaroni and Cheese and Hamburger Helper for every meal.  I thank Rachel Ray for teaching me how to cook.

But she also taught me you need a good pan to cook in.  My first breakdown, referred to here, was buying myself a cake plate.  The second was silverware, and the last a good pan.  I love this pan.  It’s from Macy’s.

I am slowly breaking down in other ways, we need a new comforter, and I won’t even discuss the state of the towels I replaced yesterday.  I need to stay strong!  Hold out for the registry!

One response to “Registry Envy

  1. Even though I am married, this is so us. We didn’t register so we have bought grown-up stuff here and there. We just bought full sets of wine glasses and sheets over the weekend. We almost settled on a dish set at Williams Sonoma, until we realized it was over $1000!

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