I am so angry right now

Today was the day.
The day we got new windows.
New windows from Feldco.
Too bad we’re not getting our windows. Our windows we need because it’s getting cold and we have no insulation between the walls and current windows. Where there are cracks between them where cold air gets in. Those cracks.

I am so ready for windows. Because all of our furniture has been moved to the east wall of the condo for 3 weeks and because we have unpainted drywall around the windows. And the cat keeps jumping on them. Because I want my house back to normal. Because I want to cook without dust getting in the food. Because I WANT MY WINDOWS.

So here’s the story: We ordered our windows almost 8 weeks ago from Mike from Feldco. Mike guaranteed that if we had any problems, with the installation, fit, measuring he would take care of them. We put down a deposit when we ordered. One week later, we found out that the drywall around our windows had to be ripped out, so we called Mike. He no longer worked at Feldco. His manager guaranteed that the windows would still fit. He said they didn’t need to be re-measured without the drywall. There would be no problems.
I don’t have his name, or I would totally publish it.

Fast forward to: Today.
Brendan and I spent an hour last night lugging furniture 4 feet away from the windows. We made a sign for the bathroom door that said “Cat. Do not enter”. We locked up said cat. Brendan stayed home from work to wait for the workmen, who were slated to arrive sometime from 8-10am. He was planning to let them in and then go to work.

At 9:55am I recieved a call on my cell phone from a woman from Feldco. She indicated that the windows did not fit because they were measured wrong, and it was our fault for not letting Feldco know we were ripping out the drywall. She also indicated that Feldco required that someone stayed home all day with the workmen. This was the first I had heard of this rule.

Me: “Is there a reason no one told us this before today?”
Her: “We require someone to be home any time we are in your house”

I guess I’m an idiot that didn’t figure that out TELEPATHICALLY. Thanks, no name. So I gave her Brendan’s number, since he was AT HOME WAITING STILL and she spoke to him. Apparently, Mike’s supervisor never told anyone that we were ripping out the drywall. And he isn’t answering his phone. So guess who pays the price. Maybe he no longer works for Felco, just like Mike!

October 27 we get our windows. I’ll be home all day if you want to stop by. Now excuse me while I go bang my head against my current windows that are falling out of their panes.


6 responses to “I am so angry right now

  1. Oh man. That really sucks. I’m so sorry Anne.

  2. Anne,

    I hope you got your windows installed and that you are NOT having the problems I am. I don’t know how to do a BLOG, if you can tell me I want to put one out as many places as I can about FELDCO. I ordered 16 windows in August, they came in in 6 weeks and were installed but two of them were broken. It has been 8 weeks and still no replacement windows have been shipped. Plus now that it is cold, I have had the chance to see how the windows really work and almost all of the ones downstairs are leaking cold air in, upstairs seems to be ok. There is something wrong with the way they were installed and I cannot get anyone to call me back. I even stopped in the store in Lombard, the store manager promised to call me back last Monday and still no call returned. I am very angry and I’m ready to call Mastercard and stop payment on the final payment I made, have them reverse the payment until I get the broken windows installed and the other windows fixed. My old windows did NOT leak.

    Pam Rockey

  3. Dear Pam,
    I had my first floor windows replaced by Feldco in 2001. I had one window crack within a year which was replaced within two weeks, no problem, no cost.
    Now I had a kitchen window blow in the middle of the night and I HAVE TO PAY $114.00 FOR THE REPLACEMENT HALF? WHAT GIVES? WHERE IS MY LIFETIME GUARANTEE?
    The woman service representative told me that I purchased them more than five years ago and that the warranty had expired! What the heck is that bull —-!!! There i nothing in my contract about anything expiring!!! Anyone else out there with a FELDCO WINDOW REPLACEMENT PROBLEM?????

    • Much like Mary, I recently found out that my lifetime warranty has magically become a five year. I had a fifty cent latch that locks the screen door to the frame bust. Called to have it replaced and was told that because I’m between 1-5 years I have to pay a service fee. After five years I’m out a service fee plus labor! It was explained that if glass breaks, a latch busts, etc, the part will be free but the labor and $49.99 service fee is not. You know they’ll be recooping that “free glass” cost in the inflated labor cost. I’m OUTRAGED as her records confirm that every time I’ve had them come out the past four years it has been NO charge.

  4. We bought our Sophia windows end of 2004. Initial delivery and install went smooth but there were a couple imperfect panes. Their customer service is fantastic but the 2800 product sucks. We’ve had approx 6 panes already crack out of 46 total in the house. Also, their’s an apparent mfg problem when mounting double and triple wide units. Water collects in between and can run down underneath. They claimed to have fixed future installs but that doesn’t help us as we may have to remove some exterior sheathing to inspect for damage. Also, my advice to anybody in cold climates – get decent triple glazed windows. The Poor .32 U-factor of these Sophia series is just wasting heating dollars.

    • We had FELDCO intall 14 windows last week. Scratched the siding on three sides of the house, put three holes in the siding from the blade of the saws all and were told that we will fill the holes with caulk (that looks real nice) and two window are cracked. I cant get anyone to call me back either. I am not sure how they are ranked #1 in customer service.

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