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Black Friday Success!

So here’s what Becky, Rachel, and I got on Black Friday:


Kitchenaid knife set; $29.99, regularly $129.99


El Paso Quesadilla maker: $24.99, regularly $35.99


Electric griddle. $19.99, regularly $39.99


DVD’s for $2 each, $5 each and $9.99 each.


(Total, the three of us bought 70 DVD’s)


Earmuffs for $9.99 (okay, those were for me).


Hand soap at Bath and Body works, on sale 4 for $10 and I had a $10 off coupon.

I think we did well, did you?


Black Friday Pre-Sale

I can’t keep this one to myself.


Right now, Bath and Body works has 8 signature collection items for $35.  That’s only $4.30 each!  They usually range from $8.50-10.50.

Plus, you can get a $10 off coupon and then they are only $3.10 each.  I bought 16.

Happy Black Friday Shopping!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am off to Michigan to see the fam.  When we get married, we are going to start spending Thanksgiving together.  It’s hard, though.  Whose family do you choose?  Ahh, the struggles of married life.


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  My goal is to come back 5lbs heavier.  Cheers!

How Martha are you?

On Mondays there is a segment on Martha Stewart Living about how Martha your weekend was.


This weekend I baked apple muffins,

lit a fire in the fireplace,

Painted the final coat of “Pumpkin Patch” orange on the walls,

Went Christmas shopping

Helped my fiance clean out his closet,

Made cornbread,

did laundry.

And bought new pots and pans for holiday cooking,

How Martha were you this weekend?

Sent to me



Adorable escort card!

A day in the life


9am:  Wake up

10am:  Discuss going to Home Depot.  Discuss paint color possibilities.

11am:  Go to Home Depot.  Buy paint in “Pure White”,  “Pumpkin Patch” and lint-free rollers.

12noon:  Eat leftover pizza.  Yell at each other about painting.  Yell about getting the paint from the closet.  Get the paint from the closet.

12:30pm:  Start taping.  Yell at each other that their taping skills suck. 

1pm:  Have a beer while continuing to tape.

1:30:  Prime wall and trim.

2:00:  Paint orange around trim, but forget that part of the wall isn’t primed or taped.

3:00:  Realize that handyman used a different primer, so the orange now has a squiggle down the middle where the primer changes.

4:00:  Have another beer.  Re-prime.

5:00:  Clean up and out to dinner with Future Father in Law (Early Bird Special).

I’m not obsessed

Love that Black Friday.

Becky and I will be out in Kalamazoo around (gulp) 5am.

Some great websites to check out:

Good luck!