A day in the life


9am:  Wake up

10am:  Discuss going to Home Depot.  Discuss paint color possibilities.

11am:  Go to Home Depot.  Buy paint in “Pure White”,  “Pumpkin Patch” and lint-free rollers.

12noon:  Eat leftover pizza.  Yell at each other about painting.  Yell about getting the paint from the closet.  Get the paint from the closet.

12:30pm:  Start taping.  Yell at each other that their taping skills suck. 

1pm:  Have a beer while continuing to tape.

1:30:  Prime wall and trim.

2:00:  Paint orange around trim, but forget that part of the wall isn’t primed or taped.

3:00:  Realize that handyman used a different primer, so the orange now has a squiggle down the middle where the primer changes.

4:00:  Have another beer.  Re-prime.

5:00:  Clean up and out to dinner with Future Father in Law (Early Bird Special).


2 responses to “A day in the life

  1. Oooh! So cute!

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