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T-1 to the New Year

I was talking to Brendan a few days ago, and I mentioned to him that I’m sad that it’s going to be 2009. I don’t want to let go of the year we got engaged. He reminded me that 2009 is the year we get married!


It’s funny how you forget.
This year I got engaged, started my 5th year of teaching, started Graduate School, painted every floor in my house, and underwent a painful home repair and renovation.
I’m so glad you’ve been here to read all about it, and I hope that 2009 is as great for you as I expect it to be for me.
And those of you that are riding the baby train: Congratulations to Melissa, Missy and Amy. You will all be the best mommies a baby could have.

Cheers! See you in 2009!


New Years Resolution

Every new year, I always say I am going to lose weight. Well, guess what? I’m making a resolution I can stick with this year.
I am going to take care of my eyes.
I go to bed with mascara on. All the time. I love mascara, especially Cover Girl Fantastic Lash.  But I hate taking it off.


And lately, I’ve been using Ulta Amped Lashes mascara.


But here’s the real story.  I am getting older.  I’ll be 28 this year, and I am worried I don’t take care of the skin around my eyes.  So this year I promise:

1.  I will remove makeup before bed (even when alcohol is involved)

2.  I will use an eye cream nightly

3.  I will wear sunscreen every day (right now I wear it 90% of the time) SPF 15 minimum

Here is the skin care system recommended to me when i got a facial today.  AGE Smart by dermalogica.  I’ll let you know if it works!


Orange you glad?

Ahh, as the Holiday whirlwind dies down, i’ll finally show you the color we painted the second floor.

Pumpkin Patch!



Christmas Decorations

I’ve been neglecting the blog.  I’m sorry.  But Christmas with my father and Brendan’s father took up the whole weekend, and then a snowstorm took up all of Sunday, driving back from Michigan.

So here’s a little holiday cheer.


Love those CB2 trees.


Martha told me to cover a bulletin board with wrapping paper and hang my cards on it.  I’ll need a bigger one next year.



I’m not sure how many gifts can fit, but we’ll try.

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday to everyone!

I want this!

A La Card Chicago

Also Santa, I want a new camera.  Mine sucks and I’m jealous of Jenni.

Winter Wonderland

I’m waiting for my butter to hit room temperature so I can bake, so here are some views from my windows:

Now I’m going to make blackberry pinwheel cookies, pecan balls, and classic sugar spitzers!

We’re published!

Laura Meyer Photography