Going to Paws!

Tonight I am going to volunteer at the animal shelter, because I need to stop laying around here and feeling sorry for myself.

Last night we attempted to turn on the heater in the garage, it’s attached to the cieling.  But something just wasn’t right.  The drywall was all wavy  around it and it wouldn’t turn on.  Oh yeah, and it was scorched around the socket.  That’s right folks, it got wet just like the rest of our house!

I cannot explain to you the frustration I feel when my fiance says “maybe it just stopped working”.

“Oh really?  Then why the ceiling is wavy, like it is water damaged?”

“Oh, that’s just how the light makes it look.”

“Then why, when I turn off the lights, does it look the SAME?”

Why can’t he take me seriously?  I am not retarded.  I swear.  The light fixture shows sign of a fire and you think it “just stopped working?”  We could have died!  Scorching is the sign of a fire!

I am so tired of this.  If I shed one more tear over this GD house, I swear.

That’s why I’m going to work at the animal shelter tonight for a kitty overload.



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