New Years Resolution

Every new year, I always say I am going to lose weight. Well, guess what? I’m making a resolution I can stick with this year.
I am going to take care of my eyes.
I go to bed with mascara on. All the time. I love mascara, especially Cover Girl Fantastic Lash.  But I hate taking it off.


And lately, I’ve been using Ulta Amped Lashes mascara.


But here’s the real story.  I am getting older.  I’ll be 28 this year, and I am worried I don’t take care of the skin around my eyes.  So this year I promise:

1.  I will remove makeup before bed (even when alcohol is involved)

2.  I will use an eye cream nightly

3.  I will wear sunscreen every day (right now I wear it 90% of the time) SPF 15 minimum

Here is the skin care system recommended to me when i got a facial today.  AGE Smart by dermalogica.  I’ll let you know if it works!



2 responses to “New Years Resolution

  1. Im a big fan also of the Dermalogica Age Smart range but i have to ask, you mentioned that you wear suncream 90% of the time, do you live in an especially hot climate or are you just madly into your skin care?

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