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New Chicago Blogs!

I have been reading:


Chicago Bride to Be



Wed in the White City

Congratulations, Ladies!


New Look

I’ve been messing around with a new look for the blog, I like it clean, and I originally made this blog as my home improvement blog, but as we all know, it has been slowly making it’s way over to the wedding blurg.  So I have a new title!  I still have 8 months till the wedding, so I might as well give in to my bridely urges till then.  I also actually made a custom header, so I’m proud of that.

Also, I’ve been a bit ill, so I’ll be posting more next week.  I have had a very sore throat for a few days.


In wedding news,  I finally finished talking to the photographer about our Engagement Book, and the final proof should be coming out this week!  And I also am talking to a florist.  This is good.  I need to get this stuff done.


I woke up on my wedding day and took my clothes off to get into the shower. For some reason my hair was wet and I looked in the mirror. My hair was spotty ad bleached in random places. And my face was orange! I had a stripe of orange self-tanner dividing my face from my nose up.
Also I was in the house I grew up in, where I haven’t lived in 8 years.

THEN I somehow put on my wedding dress and it was twisted around my middle so the sweetheart neckline dipped in my armpit.  So I put on a full-on long sleeve lace dress and tried to find my veil.  But I didn’t have a veil.  Luckily, Amy came and gave me the veil she wore in her wedding, pictured below.


Amy and I on her wedding day.  I was MOH.  This is when I woke up.

Thank You!

I have had a huge outpouring of support from everyone about my wedding woes.  Thank you so much, blogosphere, and bridesmaids, and friends.   I am going to make more of an effort to ask for help instead of freaking out.

I love you very much.



Bridesmaids, look no further!

Seriously, if you are a bridesmaid, don’t click here.

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Scratch off STD’s

I love these and would use them if we didn’t already get ours.

Scratch off Save the Dates!





Sip and Scan

The Macy’s Sip and Scan was full so we are making our own.
Thursday, January 22
Location: Bed Bath and Beyond on Clybourn
First we will drink beers at the Goose Island Brewery, then off to register. I told my FMIL about it and she
recommended we bring a flask.

Will we?  Only time will tell.