Another dress……….maybe

Don’t click unless you want to see it (that means you, fiance!)


This was my FMIL’s favorite dress when we went shopping in Nashville.

It’s Rivini, and Itried it on at Faccio Bridal.  They were fabulous.  I really liked that they didn’t use those Orange Home Depot clips to clip the dress to you.  They pinned it.  The owner helped me, Beth.  I loved her.

We weren’t allowed to take pictures, but I promise I looked fantastic in it.  Too bad about the price tag.  If I could find this dress for under 2K I would buy it.  Any ideas?


4 responses to “Another dress……….maybe

  1. This dress is beautiful! maybe try going to Becker’s Bridal near Lansing – they have good dressed and I don’t think they cost over $2000.00. (most are around $300.00-$800.00)

  2. Hi, I found your blog when searching for “short hair bride.” I figured I would pop in every now and then as I like to read about other people going through the planning process.

    Maybe find someone who can make it for you?

  3. according to the rivini website, they are having a rivini trunk show at Faccio Bridal Jan 9-10. Call up the owner and see if they are going to have that dress and if they will ship it to you.

    What’s the style number? i love a good internet hunt.

  4. I have the same problem!! I am in love with this dress but I can’t afford it… I am also looking for alternatives…when is your wedding date? I will keep you post if I knw something we can do…

    Best wsihes

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